Vietnam Adventure Tours

Vietnam Adventure Tours – Travel to the unexplored paths of Vietnam

Adventure holidays in Vietnam offered by Cozy Vietnam Travel are all about active travel off the established trails, exploring unique cultures and creating wonderful memories through a rich mix of multi-activity adventure and stunning scenery. Our Vietnam adventure holidays are carefully crafted to quench thirsts of travelers’ adventure tourism in Vietnam which go far beyond simple sightseeing, populous destinations. Discover a new side of Vietnam tour packages you never imagine existed on any journeys. Get a full dose of this land’s truly incredible history, cultures, and geography using rural paths that wind through remote villages and past seemingly endless rice fields.

The best adventure tours in Vietnam below are not only physical activities but also combine well-planned itineraries and relaxation that will surely expose you to an unforgettable Vietnam adventure travel. Our tour guides take care of all the practical details that may arise during your Vietnam adventure tour. We also care much about the logistics of your adventure programs so that you will always arrive fresh, well-informed and ready to explore any new places.

Adventurous Activities in Vietnam Adventure Tours


Travel to every scenic trail in Vietnam on two wheels, explore scenic highlights at each destination that other vehicles are unable to reach.


From soft strolls around rustic villages to challenging trekking across epic mountains, Vietnam adventure holidays are designed to capture the mesmerizing beauty on foot.


Whether kayaking, snorkeling or boat trips, discover the most unspoiled natural scenery on Vietnam adventure trips centralizing around waterways.

Biking Tours

Go on Vietnam adventure tours like a local by the most feature transportation to create your own lifelong memories.


Take Vietnam adventure travel to a new level. Combine cycling, trekking, and kayaking together to experience a distinct taste of the S-shaped country.

Whether it is hard to customize your Vietnam adventure tours, browse our best ready-made adventures below before contacting us and let your journey begin.

Vietnam Adventure Tours Recommendation Destinations

Vietnam enchants tourists with picturesque landscapes, super friendly locals and various places where you can enjoy the atmosphere and surroundings while getting your blood pumping in a wide selection of adventure activities. See this list of top Vietnam adventure destinations to find out more about this sensational land.


Sapa is perhaps an undoubtedly popular destination for foreign and domestic tourists. Even though this place is known for the peaceful and dreamy landscape, Sapa still has a lot to offer when it comes to a Vietnam adventurous trip. The misty town of Sapa is surrounded by mountains, hills, and rivers in which travelers must trek on the local path and trails in order to visit. Tourists can stay at local homestays to learn about the lives of villagers. Moreover, you can climb Fansipan Mountain, the highest peak in South East Asia, to the top of it. If you want a less challenging location, it is possible to trek to Thac Bac, a silvery fall, and immerse yourself in nature. Or tourists often venture to Muong Hoa valley to see stones carved with strange symbols and images.sapa vietnam adventure tours

Ha Giang

From majestic Ma Li Peng pass to breathtaking Dong Van Karst Plateau, from visiting villages of ethnic minorities to boarding boat trips on Nho Que River, Ha Giang is completely worth your while in Vietnam adventure vacation. Trekking and riding motorcycle are two of the best ways to explore every hidden corner of this adventurous land in Northeast Vietnam.ha giang vietnam adventure travel

Mai Chau

Located in an idyllic valley and covered by hills, Mai Chau is such a distinct world away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi capital. The area of Mai Chau is beautiful thanks to the immense rice fields speckled by small villages of Thai people where travelers in Vietnam adventure holidays can doss down for overnight in rustic wooden stilt houses and wake up among the ambiance of the rural soundtrack created by gurgling streams and birdsong. Mai Chau nicely fits the adventure travel of biking, hiking, and relaxation.vacation adventures in mai chau


The Vietnamese capital is one of the most ancient cities in the world where well-preserved colonial constructions, ancient pagodas, and interesting museums can be found in Vietnam adventure tours. Hanoi is a wonderful place to discover on foot which you can explore mouthwatering cuisine, fantastic nightlife, and vibrant local markets. If you want to explore the city on pedals, traditional villages of silks and handicrafts around Hanoi will be amazing experiences.hanoi adventure holidays vietnam

Halong Bay

This UNESCO World Heritage is always on the list of any Vietnam adventure holiday. Since nature has blessed Ha Long Bay with impressive limestone karst, enormous caves, and jungle vegetation, it is a regret to not explore this region. Here, you can take on a little bit of adventure and kayak on the sea to explore the rich ecosystem of Ha Long Bay. Besides enjoying the remarkable landscape, it is possible to travel to the Monkey Island in Cat Ba in which tourists can enjoy mountain climbing and trekking through hills or find the monkeys live on the island. At the end of the day, you will relax and reflect the adventure while the sun kissing the horizon.halong bay kayaking adventure tours vietnam

Ninh Binh

This province in the Red River Delta offers surprisingly a wide variety of famous sites and activities for adventure travel in Vietnam. Here, you can explore the very first Vietnam National Park, Cuc Phuong, to discover the special rainforest ecosystem of the Delta. The Flora in Cuc Phuong National Park is various and ancient, some trees dated back to more than a thousand years ago while there are some rarest species in the animal kingdom living here. Tourists may also find many charming waterfalls and stream on the way. Another adventurous location in Ninh Binh is Tam Coc, a cave system including limestone mountains. Adventure tour in Tam Coc has diverse activities such as bicycling, boat trip, climbing, and trekking. Therefore, you can easily find strange stalactite with different shape and size in Tam Coc (Three Caves) and vast rice fields in the village. After that, adventurers may also visit Bich Dong (Emerald Cave), a pagoda complex among mountains and rivers.ninh binh adventure travel vietnam

Phong Nha – Ke Bang

It will be truly a great regret for any adventure lovers about missing Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park when traveling to Vietnam. This destination has all the natural advantages to make your trip to become the ultimate adventure holiday to Vietnam. Travelling to Phong Nha, you can explore one of the most complex and magnificent cave systems in the world. There is Phong Nha Cave which has the illusory Son River flow inside; Tien Son Cave is known for impressive “fairy-tale” stalactites and stalagmites; or the biggest cave in the world, Son Doong, where many phenomenal sites like Hand of Dog, Watch out for Dinosaurs situated. Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park has a great number of limestone mountains for mountain climbing activities. With the height of about 1000 m, these mountains will bring a great experience for climbers. In addition to that, the rich ecosystem of Phong Nha consisting of 140 flora families and 98 fauna families allowing you to have completely satisfying trek into nature.phong nha ke bang adventure holidays to vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

The heart of Southern Vietnam, Saigon, is the financial and business hub of Vietnam. Moreover, fascinating cultures, magnificent French architecture, ornate pagodas, and temples are the must-visit attractions in Vietnam adventure tours. The best transportation in Ho Chi Minh City, scooters, will take you to every small path and tiny streets where you can taste the incredible street foods and see a different lifestyle of hospitable locals among non-stop city. In addition, spend a half-day discovering Cu Chi Tunnels – the great underground system and the vital key to the victory of Vietcong against American troops.ho chi minh city vietnam adventure tours ho chi minh city

Mekong Delta

Not far from the west of Ho Chi Minh City, there is a unique place for Vietnam adventure holidays which is Mekong Delta. By traveling through the canal system, you can see the rich land of agriculture, fishery, and culture in the region. It is possible to venture by boat on the river which you may need a guide or not or bicycling to reveal the picturesque countries side. If tourists take a boat trip on the waterways, they will meet the one-of-a-kind floating market in Vietnam where several kinds of product such as tropical fruits, textiles, foods, and drinks are exchanged. However, cycling through the villages is also a fantastic idea since you can visit the farms of local such as crocodile farms, visit local shops and finally experience traditional hammock, see impressive Cao Dai Temple and learn more about Caodaism.