Mai Chau daily Tours from Hanoi

Mai Chau Daily Tours overview

The bamboo and timber stilt houses that dot the valleys of Mai Chau are very different from the kinds of dwellings you would see 150 kilometres away in Hanoi. They are owned by the Thai hill tribe, the ethnic group living in the area who, every day, enjoy the picture-perfect scenery for which Mai Chau is famous. This Mai Chau Day Trip From Hanoi takes you to the heart of this beautiful region of terraced rice fields, rolling green hills, fertile fruit orchards and the quaint gravel paths that run between them all.

This one day tour from Hanoi offered by Vietnam Real Tour shows you the best of Mai Chau, through its scenery, people and food. The magical mountain scenery along the way prepares you for the lush greenery that envelopes Mai Chau, where we will cycle, trek and meet the ethnic Thai people who call this rice-terraced valley home.

Mai Chau Tours day trip highlights

  •   Soaking up the views of the wonderful environment along the mountain roads en route to Mai Chau
  •   Having a local lunch in a traditional stilt house owned by a member of the Thai hill tribe
  •   Cycling the charming village roads alongside abundant fields of rice
  •   Trekking to mountainous areas to speak with the locals of small communes

mai chau daily departure from Hanoi