halong bay luxury cruises

What is a Halong Bay Luxury Cruise?

The grandeur of a bay as magnificent as the legendary Halong Bay requires a vessel of Halong Bay Luxury Cruises – The highest class to cut through its jade green waters. Bridging the gap between the shimmering sea and the open span of the sky are the tall sails of Halong Bay’s 5 and 6-star junk boats, standing head and shoulders above the rest in a picture of utmost majesty. Since the region’s earliest inhabitants, life in Halong Bay has advanced at a gentle pace, so why rush it now? Halong Bay luxury cruises are designed for life in the slow lane and the relaxed itineraries of such tours reflect the more refined desires of their clients. Minimal activities afford maximum time on the cruises, all of which feature a very attractive array of onboard facilities and amenities for guests to use at their leisure.

The Luxury way to enjoy Halong Bay

While Halong Bay Luxury Cruises of 6-star opulence have innovative features such as seaplane rides and a personal butler service, all 5 and 6-star cruises have a shared luxury running through their timber veins. Smooth, varnished wood anchors cruises to their Vietnamese heritage, while artisanal flares of creativity meld with Western comfort in a wonderful marriage of East and West. Rose petal-flecked bathtubs sit beside wall-length windows, ensuring that a gorgeous backdrop of the Land of the Descending Dragon is ever-present throughout every moment of your cruise.
The wide sundecks, ubiquitous on Halong Bay luxury cruises, feature panoramic vistas of strong, forested mountains and the shaded undulations of peaks stretching off into the distance. Entire days can be spent here as the staffs are at your beck and call, and most cruises can opt for outdoor or indoor meals, meaning the sundeck can be your hub of activity for the entire day.

Halong Bay Luxury Cruises Recommendation

Halong has all types of luxury cruises that one can ask for. Whether you are a couple visiting for wedding anniversary or on a family vacation, treat yourself to a holiday to experience the splendor of Halong with all the best services offered on board. Sophisticated boat design, royal amenities, impeccable service and gourmet cuisine are awaiting you on these luxury cruises. Vessels vary of Halong Bay Luxury Cruises from as small as 5 cabin (Valentine Cruise, Violet Cruise) to as large as over 30 (Au Co Cruise); all promises an unbeatable experience and worth every of your penny. The cruises listed in this range are those that offer the very best amenities that you can find in 4 or 5 star hotels: jacuzzi, spa service, comfortable bedding, exquisite food, safe box in room. Most cabins on these cruises offer balcony view where you can sit and relax.

How to choose a Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

You can find out in details about what each cruise has to offer by clicking on the cruise name and photos. Each luxury cruise has its own uniqueness. Paradise Peak Cruise, for example, will give you a real paradise of luxury cruise service, from having your own butler to help you tailor the tour, to providing exclusive library on board – in fact, it is the only cruise that has one. Au Co Cruise, on the other hand, operates its own unique itinerary that helps you visit all three bays that no other boats can match: Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Aphrodite Cruise is another unique cruise for its floating village theme that permeate all through the design and program. Cruise Halong Bay in style and find your best rate for luxury cruises with us.

Who is a Halong Bay Luxury Cruise for?

All Halong Bay Luxury Cruises was designed for guests arriving in Vietnam with a higher-end budget, looking to enjoy the finer touches on a cruise around UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay.
For guests looking to enjoy the intimacy of a tailored experience in a magnificent setting. For guests looking to truly unwind; luxury cruises in Halong Bay focus on your relaxation on board rather than days full of activities.
Cozy Vietnam Travel is proud to present the following luxury cruises of Halong Bay.

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